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Dr. Cynthera McNeill, Founder

Dr. Cynthera McNeill is a graduate and undergraduate clinical faculty in the College of Nursing at Wayne State University. Detroit, Michigan, USA.

Dr. McNeill research and passion is focused on improving sexual health outcomes for adolescent females. Her doctoral research was dedicated to the implementation of the SIHLE model which is focused on improving HIV/ sexual health knowledge of adolescent girls and helping them to develop communication skills to negotiate for safe sexual practices in their relationships.


Dr. McNeill is the founder and president of SAVE THEM, a non-profit organization focused on health education and impacting negative health outcomes for African American youth in the city of Detroit.

Dr. McNeill received her BA in chemistry/ biology from Coppin State University, her BSN from Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan, and a DNP from Wayne State University. She is a board certified adult/geriatric nurse practitioner with the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners.

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