No Nurse Left Behind (NNLB) was founded to uplift and empower nurses of color. Our purpose is to provide mentorship, encouragement, and career direction and coaching for nurses seeking to advance their nursing education at all levels of Nursing. We strive to assist individuals in addressing the barriers that delay or hinder professional advancement within the profession of Nursing. 


Some people don't have others to look up to in their professional careers...It is important for us to reach back..

Why Mentoring Is ImportantDr. McNeill
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Mentoring helps to create a map or a blueprint that they can utilize to make the journey the most streamlined and effective for them...

The Mentor RelationshipDr. Stephens

If you are successful why not help the next person become successful so that we can build and uplift the profession of nursing...

Nursing: A LegacyDr. Walker