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Contact hours will be available after the conference

You have worked hard to get where you are and have had to conquer learning curves and obstacles to succeed - but what comes next?

"Moving Forward" is a one day conference bringing awareness to nurses on the perils of microaggressions, medical mistrust, and misinformation to make a positive lasting impact in healthcare through their nursing practice. Register and experience informative workshops and engage in career changing dialogues that will help you bring clarity to your nursing career.  

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NNLB 2022: Moving Forward: Restoration, Empowerment and Engagement
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A deeper understanding of how micro-aggressions affect your personal life and clinical practice. 

An in depth understanding of the impact of medical mistrust on our patients, families and communities and the role of the nurse in addressing medical mistrust for better patient outcomes


Access to networking connections in employment, education, and mentorship

A personal sense of empowerment to seek new paths of personal growth and development in their nursing career



Racism in Nursing

  • As a nurse, have you ever experienced an act of racism?

  • During school or work, have you experienced subtle tones of hostility?

  • Is your work environment toxic, filled with negative energy that sometimes causes feelings that could possibly affect patient care?


Medical Mistrust:

Empowering Patient Advocacy

  • How does medical mistrust affect health care outcomes?

  • What is our role as clinicians and providers to prevent medical mistrust?

  • How do you teach patients to advocate for themselves?

Start with the end in mind:   Engaging in your Nursing Career


  • Traditional vs. Non-Traditional Career Pathways

  • How to substantiate your nursing career

  • Is your nursing career at a standstill?


Right Credentials,

Right Scope, Right Practice


  • Many providers are working out of their scope of practice and do not realize it

  • Due to liability issues, hospitals are re-aligning NP practice according to scope of practice

  • Learn from the experts how to get into your nursing area of interest



NNLB 2022C Conf.png

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