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"Social Determinants" is a conference bringing awareness to clinicians on the detriment of social determinants of health plaguing marginalized communities. Register and experience two informative workshops and engage in career-changing dialogues that will help you provide optimal clinical outcomes for the patients you serve.
NNLB 2022: Moving Forward: Restoration, Empowerment and Engagement
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Participants will:

List three ways how social determinants of health affect
clinical practice.

Understand the impact of social determinants of health on
patient communities and the clinician’s role in designing
tailored interventions for better patient outcomes.

Express confidence to change the care trajectory of
patients who are impacted by social determinants of


Social Determinants:

What Providers Need to Know

Are you struggling to meet the competing demands that social determinants of health place on your patients?

What is our role as clinicians and providers in addressing social
determinants of health?

Social determinants of health (SDOH) are the conditions in
which patients are born, live, work, age, and learn. SDOH can
have a significant impact on a patient’s health and well-being

Understanding and addressing SDOH is essential for providers to
develop holi
stic approaches to patient care.


Social Determinants:
Being Intentional Matters

Why do nurses and providers need to intentionally address social determinants of health?

Being intentional about addressing social determinants of health is crucial because it helps to reduce health disparities and promotes health equity. It ensures that every patient, regardless of their
socioeconomic status has a fair opportunity to attain optimal health.


Being intentional about social determinants of health also leads to cost savings because it is more cost-effective to invest in preventative measures and social support than to treat chronic illnesses.



NNLB 100723 SM Flyer.jpg


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